Better oral sex - fellatio, and deep throat tips, tricks, techniques and pro methods of throat training and deep throating.

The bold + of Oral Sex - Fellatio : Deep throat
Best oral sex and deep throat tips, tricks, techniques and
pro methods of throat training and deep throating

Oral Sex - Fellatio - Deep throat tips, tricks, techniques, pro methods

How to maximize oral sex - fellatio - deep throat pleasures
Better oral sex - fellatio - deep throat tips, tricks, techniques and pro methods of throat training and deep throating

Performing oral sex, fellatio, blowjob, giving head, sucking cock.. however you name the activity,
oral sex is a great pleasure for both sides! Many people don't like oral sex mostly because they don't know how to perform it skillfully, or they don't know proper oral sex - fellatio techniques and are afraid of being clumsy, and deprive their partner of these special pleasures. Emotional partners, being unsatisfied and unhappy, may feel like undesirable and disowned. Some other people care about hygiene too much!
(Unfortunately there are more germs in your mouth than a clean penis. Around one milliard, mostly harmless bacteria exist on a clean body, that means half a million bacteria on every square inch (~6.4 cm²) of a clean skin! Please refer to Amy's Tutorial - Cleanliness section.)
Although skillfully performed oral sex is excessively pleasureful, deep throat is the summit, the highest level of oral sex - fellatio pleasures, the ultimate sign of expertness and the most appreciated form of expressing your love and your devotion to your lover. When properly performed, deep throat is the most lustful sex technique.

Why deep throating is a great pleasure?
Better oral sex - fellatio - deep throat tips, tricks, techniques and pro methods of throat training and deep throating

The extreme pleasure of deep throating is created by uvula pressing the frenulum and by
gulping reactions perfectly massaging the corona. This is why men are crazy about successful deep throating. (Refer to Amy's Tutorial - Manhood section for anatomic details)
The average depth of the mouth cavity is 3 - 4 inches (8 10 cm) and the average penis size is
5 5.5 inches (12 14 cm), the impossibility to get the full penis in your mouth is obvious, so you need more space to use which is your throat.
Certainly deep throating is very special and difficult, but you can learn how to train your throat, how to correct your throat angle, which positions are suitable for successful deep throating, and all needed techniques and pro methods of deep throating in Amy's Tutorial - Deep throat section.
Few women really know how to perform great oral sex - fellatio, and fewer can perform the deep throat. Great oral sex and deep throating needs accurate knowledge, practice and experience. You have to enjoy your perfection and be proud of your ability to provide this special pleasure to your partner.
Deep throat is the bold plus of oral sex - fellatio, a very special technique to approve, to seal your sexual perfection. For most of men deep throating is a rare and delightful experiment, a proof of your love, devotion, worshipping, and they will never forget your skills!
Don't refrain yourself to learn deep throating techniques and make your partner more than happy.
For best oral sex and deep throat techniques and pro methods order Amy's Better Sex Tutorial now, or visit Sex, Mistakes & Vision or Tutorial's Contents for more information.
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